Pothohar Nama Raja Amjad Minhas PDF
پوٹھورنامہ راجا امجد منہاس

Toobaa Foundition

The purpose of the Toobaa Foundition is to serve the scholars, especially those specializing in MPhil, PhD, or any other field. The foundation assists them in their pursuit of knowledge. To achieve this goal, Toobaa Foundition has a program to digitize all libraries across the country, whether private or public. The primary objective is to search for libraries, compile lists, and introduce the available books. The foundation also conducts scanning of rare manuscripts and scans books that require digitization, presenting them in PDF and Kindle formats.


We urge you to collaborate with Toobaa Foundition for the completion of this noble mission. To contribute, search for libraries at your locality, district, and tehsil levels, and contact the librarians and organizers. Special cooperation is sought for scanning books. You can help us by scanning books yourself or getting them scanned. Send us the list of books available in your library, along with their titles.

Assist us in creating PDF or Kindle formats for books. Toobaa Foundation sometimes offers books for purchase to fund this mission mentioned above. As there are considerable expenses on this website, we kindly request you to prioritize Toobaa Shop for book purchases. Buy the books presented on the website for your needs.

If you need any book from the recommended books on the Toobaa Foundition website in PDF format, you can obtain it by contributing to the scanning costs.

The annual expenses of this website are low (50000). These include costs for approximately thirty thousand domains and hosting. Maintenance and other expenses are also part of it. By participating in this good cause, you can create an ongoing charity for yourself.

Pothohar Nama Raja Amjad Minhas

پوٹھورنامہ راجا امجد منہاس

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پوٹھورنامہ راجا امجد منہاس

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