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  • Mazahib-e-‘Alam mein Sha’air-e-Muqaddasah, Fikri-Ma’anawiyat aur Ahkam

    The statement “In the religions of the world, sacred rituals, spiritual thought, and religious rulings exist” suggests that across various religious traditions, there are fundamental elements that encompass the practices, beliefs, and regulations associated with faith.

    The mention of “sacred rituals” implies that religious communities engage in specific ceremonies, actions, or observances that hold profound significance within their respective religious frameworks. These rituals often serve as a means of connecting with the divine, expressing devotion, or commemorating important events or figures within the religion.

    “Spiritual thought” points to the intellectual and contemplative aspects of religious life. It highlights the deep reflections, philosophical inquiries, and contemplative practices that individuals within religious communities may undertake to explore the nature of spirituality, the purpose of human existence, and the relationship between the individual and the divine or transcendental.

    Lastly, “religious rulings” refers to the set of guidelines, principles, or codes of conduct that govern the beliefs and practices within a religious system. These rulings may encompass ethical and moral standards, legal interpretations, guidelines for worship, and rules regarding interpersonal interactions or social behavior.

    Overall, this note suggests that within the rich tapestry of religious diversity worldwide, sacred rituals, spiritual reflection, and religious regulations play integral roles in shaping and defining religious traditions, fostering a sense of community, and guiding the religious experiences and practices of believers.

  • Shah waliullah dehlvi ki tahqeqaat e hadeez,Sahih bukhari k qalmi nuskhay ki roshani me . By : Dr Atiq u rahman.

    شاہ ولى اللہ دهلوى کی تحقيقات حديث
    صحیح بخاری کے ایک قلمی نسخے کی روشنی میں
    تأليف : ڈاکٹر محمد عتیق الرحمٰن

    Shah waliullah dehlvi ki tahqeqaat e hadeez

    Sahih bukhari k qalmi nuskhay ki roshani me .
    By : Dr Atiq u rahman.