Muhammad in the Quran PDF

By (author)Ali Musa Raza

Muhammad in the Quran

Muhammad the Prophet of Islam led a pious, exemplary and useful life. Within a brief period of twenty three years he changed the entire course of history.It is a growingly accepted fact that the bases of modern civilization were provided by the ideology and the objective way of the thinking contributed by the great Prophet of Arabia. His life, therefore has a direct relevance to the modern age.Muhammad lived in the full light of history. His follo- wers have very carefully and faithfully preserved every action of his public and private life.There is thus abundance of material available for the study of the life of an important benefactor of mankind.

Apart from this valuable material which is mostly in the shape of Traditions and sayings on the life of the Prophet can also be traced in the Holy Quran which was revealed to Muhammad. The approach of the Quran is objective, refe- rences are not direct, the name of Muhammad is mentioned only four times in the Quran, while the name of Moses has been mentioned no less than 127 times. But since the whole of the Quran is addressed to Muhammad it constitutes a most valuable source of authentic information regarding the life of the Prophet. Strangely, this source has not been fully utilized so far. Not many attempts have been made to depict the life of the Prophet from the well preserved verses of the Quran. The scholarly efforts of late Ali Musa Raza are to be commended for attempting the life of the Prophet as depicted in the Quran.

By getting this book published I am fulfilling an obliga- tion, I owe to the author who left us on. 17th Sept. 1970.I express deep sense of gratitude to Dr. Sheikh Muham- mad Iqbal of Kashmir for going through the typed draft of the author, improving it and making necessary corrections in the text.I am thankful to Mr. Mohammad Ahmad of Idarah-i Adabiyat-i Delli, for the keen interest taken in bringing out this book which I am sure will serve a long felt need. I hope this book, being one of the pioneering works of its kind, will pave the way for more studies on similar lines.

Hasanuddin Ahmed

Aziz Bagh Hyderabad February 12, 1980.



Muhammad in the Quran






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