The Jossey-Bass Reader on School Reform

The Jossey-Bass Reader on School Reform

Jossey-Bass, February 5, 2001. New. From the student teacher interested in educational policy to thenew school board member dedicated to school improvement, thisdistinctive

reader is for anyone who cares about innovation andchange in the nation’s schools The Jossey-Bass Readers on SchoolReform offers a definitive collection of articles, book excerpts,and seminal reports on educational reform and its many challengesContaining selected commission reports and other public documentsthat signal important shifts in the policy arena, you’ll listen inas expert contributors debate controversial issues such as schoolchoice, desegregation, bilingual education, school finance, andstudent needs, offering diverse policy perspectives and givingreaders a rich and seasoned view of the reform landscape You’llalso gain insight into issues of school governance and organizationand examine how reforms in teaching, testing, curriculum, andstandards are changing classrooms, schools, and the profession ofteaching Grounded in scholarship and filled with wisdom, TheJossey-Bass Reader on School Reform is a comprehensive introductionto the complexities of educational change and what we can do tomake reform lasting and meaningful

The Jossey-Bass Reader on School Reform 









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